British Passport Renewal Requirements

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Thursday, March 21, 2019

Passport is renewable if:

  1. You are able to submit your most recent Red UK passport, in good condition.
  2. You are currently residing in the USA.
  3. You are 16 years of age or older.


Proof of Citizenship:

Most recent Red UK passport.


Photo Requirements:

2 passport photos.45 millimeters high by 35 millimeters wide.
The photos must be:

  1. in color on plain white photographic paper
  2. taken against a plain cream or light grey background
  3. identical
  4. taken within the last month
  5. clear and in focus
  6. without any tears or creases
  7. unmarked on both sides (unless a photo needs to be countersigned)
  8. unaltered by computer software
Detailed UK Passport Photo Requirements


Passport Application Form:

One completed Form C1 British Passport Application Form .This form must be completed online. The HM Home Office will not accept hand-written applications. This form must have the original signature of the applicant.
A ‘countersignatory’ will need to fill in section 10 if you if you cannot be recognized from the photograph in your current passport, or to extend a passport.


Authorization Letter:

Two Letters of Authorization. Both must have original signatures.

Important Note: The Letter of Authorization must be signed by the applicant, and the courier company must be handwritten at the bottom by the applicant. The courier name should match the company name at the top of the letters of authorization that you print.


Proof Of Departure:

Computer generated flight itinerary from the airline or travel agency, copy of airline ticket or a corporate letter stating U.S. departure by private aircraft more than 3 weeks away.
Please note that the processing time is between 6 to 8 weeks and any travel under 8 weeks should not be booked until your passport is secured.


Processing Time:

Passports are processed 6-8 weeks. There is no expedited service, and once the application is in process it is not possible to cancel and retrieve the original documents. All passports are issued and sent from the HM Home Office in the UK.


Fee Description:

UK Government Fee: A 32 page booklet- £128.00 passport fee plus a delivery fee of £19.86 totaling £147.86.
Jumbo 48 page booklet - £154.50 passport fee plus a delivery fee of £19.86 totaling £174.36. The fees will be charged by the HM Home Office directly by payment made through the online application form.