What is CIBT Assure?

A1 certificates are often legally required for short-, medium-, or long-term border crossings into EU countries. CIBT Assure streamlines the entire A1 certificate acquisition process, providing comprehensive management from start to finish. With three decades of proven experience providing business travel visa services, CIBT is the only organization that truly understands the unique differences between these different visit durations. This expertise ensures that A1 applications submitted by employees of your organization are meticulously handled, guaranteeing accurate completion and adherence to compliance standards.

Who is CIBT Assure For?

The CIBT Assure platform was designed for organizations and corporations that manage travel logistics for employees who have short business assignments in EU and EEA countries.

How Can We Help?

The A1 Certification process is complex and employees who navigate it independently increase the likelihood of making costly mistakes. CIBT Assure alleviates this burden, guiding employees through the process with ease. Our expertise ensures accuracy, compliance and uninterrupted coverage for employees by their home country’s social security institution.

Key benefits of CIBT Assure include:

  • Swift Document Processing: A1 applications are processed in just 60 seconds; ideal for mobile employees who often require last-minute travel arrangements. (The industry norm is between 3-days to 3-weeks.)
  • Input Issue Alerts: Employees will receive alerts about potential compliance issues in their submissions to minimize the risk of A1 rejections and labor inspections and to safeguard your organization’s risk profile.
  • Proprietary Data Insights: Employees will have access to data that helps predict compliance issues.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: CIBT Assure currently offers A1 submissions in most countries.
  • And more!

Consider this: 34% of A1 applications submitted without CIBT get rejected. Make sure your organization is protected.

Find out how CIBT Assure can simplify the A1 certification process for your employees.